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Give your pet healthier gums, whiter teeth and fresher breath!

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“Kiss Your Pet®
is my favorite oral pet product. A few sprays per day helps promote your pet’s overall dental health.”

My dog’s health is a huge concern for me. But I didn’t know how important it was to his overall health to take care of his teeth and gums. I am so happy I was introduced to Kiss Your Pet® by a friend of mine on Facebook.The spray is easy to use, my dog loves it and it really works. I get a great feeling knowing I am helping to take care of his mouth with just a few sprays per day.”

Lauren J. Scottsdale Arizona

Why You Should Make Kiss Your Pet Spray a Part of Your Pet’s Oral Care Program

Good oral hygiene is important not only for humans but also for pets! Regular dental care can lead to better overall health, prevent certain diseases, and reduce costly vet bills. Kiss Your Pet is the perfect way to provide at-home dental care for your pet, and here’s a list of the top 5 reasons that Kiss Your Pet is a must for any pet owner.

Reason #1:
Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

Taking care of your pets’ health is a priority for most pet owners, but it’s easy to overlook caring for your pets’ teeth and gums. Kiss Your Pet is designed to help you improve your pets’ oral health by keeping teeth clean and white without an expensive pet dental cleaning.

Reason #2:
Freshens Breath

As most of us know, many pets suffer from bad breath. Kiss Your Pet is designed to cleanse the mouth to keep your pets’ breath smelling fresh with just a few sprays. Regular use will keep your pets’ breath fresh smelling.

Reason #3:
Good Oral Hygiene Leads to
a Happy, Healthy Pet

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, over 80% of dogs will have dental disease by age 2! Dental disease can lead to organ failure in the kidneys, heart and liver. Regular at-home dental care can help reduce your pets risk of these conditions. Kiss Your Pet is specially formulated to help prevent dental disease, bad breath, and other oral hygiene problems in your pet.

Reason #4:
Reduce the Need for Costly
Dental Pet Cleanings

Without regular at-home dental care, your pet will need frequent teeth cleanings, which can add hundreds of dollars to your regular vet visit. Since most dental cleanings require sedation during the procedure, it can be expensive to have routine dental cleanings to maintain good oral hygiene for your pet. With Kiss Your Pet, you can help to ensure that your pet’s gums and teeth are healthy, and you can reduce the frequency with which your pet requires painful or uncomfortable dental procedures and all of the costs that go along with them!

Reason #5:
100% Organic and Natural Ingredients in an Easy Spray Formula that is Proudly Made in the USA

Kiss Your Pet is completely natural and is made with 100% organic ingredients. Our easy-to-use spray is safe to use on your pets and is very effective. Since our formula does not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals, you can trust that your pet is getting the very best in at-home oral care when you use Kiss Your Pet!

To freshen breath, whiten teeth, and improve your pet’s dental health, order Kiss Your Pet today risk free!

100% Organic & All-Natural Oral Health Pet Spray, Made in the USA!

Help your pet with healthier
gums, whiter teeth & Fresher breath.

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Made in USA
Kiss Your Pet is proudly made in the USA.
Organic Ingredients
100% Organic Ingredients!

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