Modern cat furniture that cats and cat lovers can not ignore

Modern cat furniture

Starting to shop for cat furniture can be an overwhelming task. How do you know what kind of cat furniture to get to keep your cat happy and healthy? Cats have many needs including scratching, getting out all of their energy, and getting a good catnap. Here are some types of cat furniture that will ensure that your indoor cat will have all of its needs met.


Cat Wall Shelves
Cat wall furniture is one of the best ways to give your cats their own space without having to give up any floor space! Your cats will get out all of their energy as they bounce around from perch to perch on furniture that is designed just for them. Cats love to be high up so when they’re done playing they will love to hang out and enjoy the view from up top. Let your cat get to new heights by placing the shelves in a path along your walls. The Lotus Cat Shelves from The Refined Feline are made of solid wood and have a modern finish made to match your home’s decor. These sturdy wooden cat shelves are strong enough to hold cats of any size and even multiple cats. You can screw them into wall studs too for extra support. They even feature carpeting that can be removed for cleaning or it can be replaced. Once you get cat shelves for your walls you’ll wonder how your cats ever lived without them!

Cat Tree
A cat tree is a necessity for any cat living indoors. A cat without enough stimulation and things to play with can become depressed and overweight from lack of activity. This is no different from humans and we should do everything we can to provide them with the right cat furniture to fulfill their needs. The average cat tower will give them somewhere to perch. However, many cat towers on the market aren’t made to last and only take into account your cat’s simplest desires. We all know that cats need a cat tree to run up and play on. What about your desire though for a durable cat tree that will also look good in your home? The Refined Feline has thoughtfully designed the perfect tower for both cats and humans called the Lotus Cat Tower. This tall cat tree is made of solid wood and features a modern design that is a work of art for your home. Your cat will love it just as much as you do though! Not only is it beautiful but it features a cushioned cubby, multiple platforms, and even a sisal scratching pad. The best part is that the cushion, the platform carpeting, and the scratchpad can be removed and cleaned, or even replaced. This is truly a cat tree that will last all nine lives. Cats love to run up this cat tree together and will keep themselves entertained on it for hours at a time. Then, when they’re ready for a catnap, they can settle down in the hidden den or pick a platform. This is a great cat tower for homes with multiple cats as it serves multiple purposes.

Cat Scratching Post
Cats do not stop needing to scratch if they live indoors. Scratching is a natural and very important behavior for cats. Cats scratch to stretch themselves and to sharpen and keep their nails clean. Your cat will find something indoors to scratch if you don’t provide them with the proper cat scratching posts. They will most likely use something with a thick fabric like your couch. So, to avoid this behavior, you will want to add a few cat scratching posts to your home. The Refined Feline makes modern cat furniture including cat scratching posts and many of their items even feature built-in cat scratchers or serve a dual purpose. The A-Frame Cat Bed for example is an end table and cat bed that also features a huge sisal scratchpad on the side for your cat to scratch. Dual-purpose cat furniture is great because it blends in with your home decor but it also saves floor space!

Cat Bed
Cats can be territorial so while they’ll enjoy sleeping with you sometimes they will also love to have a space to call their own. So, if you have multiple cats, you should provide a cat bed for each of them. There are many kinds of cat beds available so you should find one that fits your cat’s needs. Some may want to crawl into a lower space to hide while others like to be higher up and have a view of their surroundings. The Igloo Cat Bed Deluxe from The Refined Feline is an enclosed wicker cat bed that will give your cat a little cave to crawl into. It is big enough for cats of any size yet small enough to make them feel safe and secure inside. The best part is that it’s made of faux rattan that is claw-proof. This material won’t break and will always look good in your home. The top of the bed is also a tabletop! So, you will enjoy using this cat bed just as much as your cat does.

Happy Cats Need Cat Furniture
Getting your cat all of these essential items is the first step to ensuring that your cat lives a happy and healthy life indoors. Every cat is different, but getting them these basic cat furniture items is a great first step. Our cats are our family and they rely on us to provide them with the tools to have a happy and healthy life.

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